August 4, 2020

Marketing on Amazon in 2020 [Report]

Amazon is currently the most dominant ecommerce platform in most of the world. For many manufacturers and resellers, success on Amazon can make their business – and, conversely, failure to market your products on Amazon can break your business.

The rules of the game change all the time – tactics that worked yesterday to propel your products to the top of Amazon’s charts may cease working altogether tomorrow.

To help businesses succeed on Amazon, Anders Hjorth at Innovell and Dan Saunders at Ingenuity Digital have compiled a new research report about marketing on Amazon in 2020.

In this report, the authors explain in detail how marketing on Amazon works, show the different approaches used by many businesses that actively market their producs on Amazon, and highlight winning strategies that can lead to sustained success in this intensely competitive online marketplace.

The report contains a wealth of useful data about Amazon’s revenue streams and the global ad market. For example did you know Amazon is the 3rd largest online advertising platform in the world, right behind Google and Facebook?

Amazon advertising spend

Detailed views on Amazon advertising tactics are included in this report, which will help marketers make smarter decisions when it coems to advertising their products on the platform.

The report also outlines how Amazon’s product ranking algorithms work:

Amazon ranking algorithm

A good understanding of the foundational elements of Amazon’s ranking algorithms can help you maximise your products’ visibility and drive more sales.

All in all this 70-page report is very detailed and contains a wealth of information about how Amazon works as a global marketplace. It’s extremely worthwhile for all marketers that use Amazon as a sales platform.

The full report is available on the Innovell website here.

Post from Barry Adams