We have 2 different Broadband Availability checkers, due to ADSL and Fibre Broadband running on different lines.
Use the availability checkers below to see what services we provide in your local area prior to ordering.

Standard ADSL 2+ Broadband Availability Checker:

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Enter your phone number or postcode to see what ADSL 2+ speed you can achieve in your area.
Our ADSL 2+ broadband offers a maximum of 19mb/s*.
Please note - this availability checker is provided by BT Wholesale, who are the owner of 90% of the UK's phone lines.

Want to go faster? Use our Fibre Broadband Checker below to see if you can get up to 76mb/s*

Fibre Broadband Availability Checker:

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If you see the result "It looks like you could receive superfast broadband through the Openreach network" - then congratulations!
We can provide you with a speed of up to 76mb/s*
Please note - this independent availability checker is provided by the Culture department within the UK Government.

*We state you could receive "up to" and is an estimation only.
Certain conditions can affect your line, such as distance to the exchange or if there is a localised fault.
We will always give you the maximum speed that your line will allow and we will advise you of your maximum speed when we activate your broadband service.