June 2, 2020

Google Introduces Cloud Search Features to G Suite Business Users

The new search feature incorporates machine learning which provides a unified experience across all apps in the G Suite.

VerWeyst noted that Cloud Search provides only results that comply with a user’s G Suite file-sharing permissions.

Google launched a new tool for its business customers namely Cloud Search Tool. Assist cards are created to be timely and relevant so that you can navigate your workday more efficiently. Furthermore, users will also be able to check the files and events they have in common. With the Machine Intelligence, this tool can be used to prepare a schedule of an upcoming meeting or even suggest files. Google says it will be adding more assist cards to Cloud Search over time.

With Google Cloud Search the employee (and employer) cannot only search through the company’s data but also people listed in the company’s directory. When the service was mentioned for the first time, Google told that it will only be available for the organizations participating in the then-new early-adopter program (EAP), however, it will now be released on a larger scale very soon. Searching for a particular email or a string of information has been one of the biggest challenges and it is for this reason that tools like Google Cloud Search will consolidate the tools and help users get access to their files and documents. An adaptive search could even help companies collaborate across lines of business. The company has added a rebranded product to G Suite, a collection of Cloud-based work apps, which is another product rebranded by Google recently.

Scott Lawrence Lawson, Director of IT Architecture, said, “At QAD, we operate at a high-level of speed and need technology that provides us agility, flexibility and access to information”. Find more about Cloud Search here on Google’s website. And this is just the beginning.

Companies using G Suite include Whirlpool, PwC and Woolworths, according to an update last month from product manager Reena Nadkarni. In the future, we’ll be adding more capabilities to Cloud Search including integration with third-party applications.

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